No-Proof, Yes-Fun

Shrubs are fantastic because they can be used for drinks with and without alcohol. Most shrubs are made for cocktails and taste flat when made as a regular shrub & soda.


Not our flavors. What sets Drunk Shrub apart is its flavor profiles.

We center the no-proof user first and it just so happens, it tastes great as a cocktail mixer as well!

Not sure where to start? Check out the Store. Each flavor page has pairing recommendations.

photo by Olivia Pener

photo by SriVani Yerramilli

photo by Mallory Donohue

photo by Nina Bhattacharya



I LOVE Drunk Shrub. It’s inexpensive, great quality, fresh, and easy to use with anything. I’ve mixed it with Club Soda, La Croix, and vodka! It’s truly a mix that can be enjoyed during any event. I highly recommend!


This product is so delicious! Recommend this to anyone looking to use a high quality product to elevate their next food/drink experience.


Drunk Shrub is delicious! I love the slight jalapeño kick in Mirchi Night! Perfect for taking your beverage game to the next level. Also, the branding is beautiful. I want to decorate my home with Drunk Shrub bottles!!

Notice: Shop is closed until further notice!

We are revamping and will be back with more shrubs soon.

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