Shipping: In the United States? We'll ship to you. Order $40 or more? Great, shipping is included!

Returns: If you're not happy with the purchase, send me a video of you dumping it out, and let me know what could be better. You'll get your refund, no more questions asked. Drunk Shrub exists to make you happy. If you aren't, you should not have to suffer - financially or tastewise.

Cost: I use as many organic and sustainable materials as possible. This makes the product a little more expensive, but you know what you're putting in your body.

Inventory: As of August 2019, Drunk Shrub is in a geographic (and tbh, life) transition. All stated inventory is what we have left. Hopefully, by the end of 2019, we will be up and running at full capacity! If you know shops, restaurants, and food folks who would love to buy Drunk Shrub in bulk, we will have those rates and options by request.


Halal: Depends. Vinegar is fermented but does not have alcohol. It's being debated among scholars, so it's up to you.

Vegan: Yes.

Paleo: Depends. Shrubs have a low amount of organic sugar in each serving.

Gluten free: Yes. White wine and apple cider vinegars are not derived from grains.
Keto: No. Sugar and fruit.

Whole 30: No. There is added sugar.

What is "shrub"?

Shrub is a drinking vinegar concentrate infused with fruit, herbs and spices. It's the precursor to corporate soda pop and has roots in the Ancient World.

In contemporary America, it's a good alternative to both soda pop and alcoholic beverages. Shrub is found in craft cocktails and as a fun no-proof drink.

Why is it "drunk"?

Why Drunk Shrub if there's no alcohol? Linguistically, "shrub" comes from the Arabic word "sharaba", and when translated over into Punjabi, it becomes"sharab" which is slang for "something that gets you drunk."

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