Shrubs, While Pregnant

I read Like A Mother a few months ago, and here's what's stuck with me:

  • Pregnancy is an unnecessary enigma.

  • There is little cultural discourse about the science and realities of being pregnant, and this trickles out into products marketed for pregnant people.

  • There are plenty of guides saying what pregnant folks can and can't eat, and it feels dishonest to play into that guilt trip.

I have never been pregnant, and will not pretend to understand its complexity. I do, however, hold an immense amount of respect and love for those who become pregnant. I want Drunk Shrub to be a part of the process, and to serve as a reminder that pregnancy isn't solely about the potential child - it's a testament to the ferocity our bodies have to create family and community. I've heard from friends that Sharp Love cured their pregnancy-induced heartburn. I've heard that the sampler pack is a great gift for parents-to-be (or friends who are experiencing the grief of a lost pregnancy). I recommend it to parents who want to model no-proof socializing for their progeny.

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